Why you need to visit Kundalika for River Rafting

Looking out for a new holiday destination somewhere near to Pune or Mumbai? Well if yes, you need to visit Kolad which is the prefect holiday destination that gives you a break from the boring and monotonous life schedule. Known as the adventure capital of Maharashtra, Kundalika River in Kolad offers an amazing river rafting Kolad experience to beginners as well as experts.

While other regular and common destinations like Lonavala and Mahabaleshwar are beautiful too, however, they usually get too crowded and overpriced particularly during the weekends.

Kolad on the other hand, isn’t too crowded and the untouched beauty of the nature and mesmerizing Kundalika River rafting is enough to release all the stress.

About Kolad

It is a very small village that is located on the banks of Kundalika River, which is known for its wter rafting activities, all across India. The scenic view and lush greenery that surrounds Kolad, makes it worth the visit. The place was initially discovered by a few bikers and hikers who found this location perfectly apt for adventurous activities. And today, Kolad has become immensely popular not only in India but across the globe and many tourists visit the place every year.

When to visit

While river rafting at Kolad is open all year long, the best time to visit the place is from June to March. Monsoon season followed by winter makes Kolad a perfectly apt destination. It is a lovely period to holiday at Kolad. One should generally avoid visiting Kolad during summers as it could be too hot and thus unpleasant.

Adventure activities in Kolad

White water river rafting:

Well this is the biggest attraction in Kolad. Tourists from around the globe have been visiting Kolad for the rafting activities. It is perfect spot for those who rafting. The rafting activity is usually conducted between two dams built on the Kundalika River. With these dams, rafting becomes all the safer and the water levels do not rise too high. You can enjoy the rafting activity that is 12 km wide spread.

Monsoon is probably the best time to visit Kolad due to the high water speed level. Besides being exciting and thrilling, white water rafting in Kundalika River also helps you conquer your fears. Also the place is the only destination white water rafting can be available all year long.

Other River Adventures:

While white water rafting is one of the most famous activities here, Kolad offers many other adventure sports activities. There are other adventure activities like kayaking and river zip line. You can also go for boating in the Kundalika River for a good, relaxing experience and take a look at the slow paced life of the village people of Kolad. This is the best way to explore the biodiversity of the region. Trekking can be another fun activity here at Kolad. One can go on trek at the rocky mountains here and enjoy the charm of the nature.

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