White Water Rafting Safety Tips

White Water Rafting Safety Tips

Whitewater rafting is a fun and invigorating outdoor activity and a great way to enjoy the outdoors no matter what your ability or experience level. White water rafting is not just merely for the crazy hard core mountain people anymore but it is a popular sport is now more main stream than ever before. It is imperative to heed safety guidelines. By following these precautionary measures, you will not only have a safe trip but will also double the joy of your adventure trip.

The adventure of river rafting can be all fun and game if you follow a few safety rules and keep some important tips in mind. A few hours of professional training can also make you a good rafter.

Don’t go beyond your physical limitation

Even if you are a good swimmer, understand about your physical limitation and never go beyond it while in Kolad River Rafting activity. Take basic swimming lessons before undergoing this water sport. Even Upper body exercises are very much beneficial.

Avoid going rafting alone

Never go alone on a rafting trip alone. Always hire a guide or an instructor. You can fully enjoy your rafting trip under professional and supervised guidance.

No Alcohol

Never ever consume alcohol before starting on a river rafting trip, as drinking alcohol before rafting will not only put your life at risk but of the entire group who is on the trip with you.

Wear a Life Jacket Always

Always select a lifejacket you feel quite comfortable in. Do not act in haste while selecting the lifejacket. Do not wear vests which are oversized.

Raft in Daylight

Never prefer to go rafting in the dark. Make sure that you reach the end point before it starts getting dark.

Avoid Carrying Valuables

Carry a few dry bags to safely store some personal items. However, it is advisable that you avoid carrying things like wallet, car keys etc.

Things to Carry

  1. Torch (optional)
  2. Common Medicine (Crocin, Disprine etc.)
  3. Prescribed Medicine (BP, Diabetes and Asthma)
  4. Mobile + Charger
  5. Toiletries.
  6. Warm Clothes (Nov to Feb)
  7. Shoes for trekking.
  8. T- Shirt, Bermuda & Floaters for rafting

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