Everything you need to know about River Rafting in Kolad

Situated 117 kms from Mumbai on National Highway 17, Kolad is a town on the banks of the Kundalika River. Recognized for its waterfalls, escapade activities, Kolad is located on the Sahyadri mountain range in Raigad region of Maharashtra. A drowsy hamlet, Kolad added fame after it was exposed by explorers and for the rafting skill on the Kundalika River. A white water rafting hotspot, Kolad is to Maharashtra what Rishikesh is to Uttarakhand, Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir and Coorg in Karnataka. Kolad is amongst the top five score places in India and the nearby one available from Mumbai. In fact, Kolad is a favorite spot for one day picnic spot near Mumbai.

Some quick facts to know about Rafting in Kolad:

- You need to wear relaxed clothing; shorts, t-shirt & footwear you can get damp in

- It would be obliging if you carry a towel, alteration of clothes, sunscreen & water bottle

- Helmets & life-jackets are delivered and it’s obligatory to wear them

- The Rafting trip takes approx. 2 hours from start to end

- Rapids will variety from 1 to 3 grades, everybody is needed to paddle & contribute

- All rafts are directed by a knowledgeable & skilled Rafting Guide

- Clienteles cannot move your possessions on the raft, please leave them in your car or lodging

Best time for Rafting at Kolad:

Rafting is accessible throughout the year but the finest time for rafting is the monsoon season – June to September. The Propelling agenda depends solely on water discharge by the Dam (Govt.) authorities. Water level then rises creating Rafting possible. The time of water release is usually at 0815 hrs. There could be a postponement in release of water, in which case your Rafting session is late. There have been rare situations when the government officials have not unconfined water (usually 5 such examples in 365 days).

Cost for rafting at Kolad:

Rafting at Kolad typically charges Rs. 1200-1500 per person. The Rafting trip does not include conveyance from the end point to the start point (18kms), Rickshaws can be reserved at the start point only. Click here to know more about the best river rafting packages.

Where to stay at Kolad:

There are choices of hotels and cottages accessible in Kolad that offers decent service and worth for money. Tents, camps and convoys are also obtainable for rent.

Although if you wish to stay in cottages in Kolad, click here for the best option that only offers you a comfortable stay but also a great view.

Visit Kolad for the best river rafting in India.

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