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Best Cottages In Kolad

Booking a good cottage or room is the most crucial part when one decides to go on a vacation. The best way for anyone to enjoy a good, comforting and cozy stay is when you reside at a place that is situated at a location which offers you the best scenic view that makes you feel relaxed. After all, vacations are all about relaxing and destressing you. A place that instantly disconnects you from the outside world and which lets you rejuvenate with yourself is a perfect place to stay at. You can now do so by booking some amazing big and small cottages in Kolad.

If you wish to reside at a place like this, during your visit to Kolad, then the perfect and apt place to be at is River View Adventures. Located at the starting point of the Kundalika River, River View Adventures is known to offer the best river rafting services across Maharashtra. They are extremely popular for their services and are best known for their cottages in Kolad. Tourists across the globe visit them to enjoy a beautiful and soothing view while they enjoy a thrilling experience of white water rafting near Mumbai in the Kundalika River rafting camp. The best part about these cottages is that they easily accommodate groups of different sizes .i.e. either a small family or a large group of friends. Their cottage services are designed in a way that one never feels lack of any amenities inside the rooms. You will always be offered fresh blankets, towels and bedsheets during your stay with them. They also offer a 24 hour water supply without any inconvenience to its guests. Surrounded by beautiful plants and greenery, these cottages will make you feel relaxed and let you connect with your inner self. Being surrounded by the Kundalika River and a beautiful natural view, one will never complain of chaos. River View Adventures in Kolad is indeed the best place to be at, on a holiday, as you get a complete package of enjoyment that includes river rafting in the Kundalika River under the special guidance of professionals, scrumptious vegetarian meals and a simple yet beautiful stay that detaches you from all worries and concerns. The warm hospitality offered by the staff here makes it a worthy place for a stay.

Kolad is a silent yet energetic site that offers venture sports like rafting, rappelling, kayaking, rock climbing and numerous more but of course Kolad River Rafting has lengthy fame in the tourism sector in the newest year. It is well thought-out as one of the best one day picnic spot near Pune. There are many locations which are completely apt and suitable for going on picnics.

While staying in these cottages you can grab some adorable moments amidst a pristine location. Outside these cottages is a spacious area where you may enjoy with your friends and family. You can even indulge in some fun gaming activities out here. The stay here will give you a unique and offbeat experience like never before.

River View Adventures is a complete retreat for everyone who visits them. During your stay here, you can indulge in some enthralling activities. If your holiday itinerary comprises of stay that is peaceful and surrounded by natural beauty, your next destination has to be River View Adventures in Kolad.

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