3 Things every Rafter must know when rafting with Kids

Here are the 3 most important things every rafter must know when rafting with kids:

1. Pick the right river

If your squad comprises children and babies then its best to stick to rivers rated Class II and below of the Kundalika river rafting, and make sure you have one grown-up per child in each boat. If possible, time your tour so that you’re not on the river during top run-off and also don’t be frightened to walk around any rapids you don’t like the looks of. Lastly, make sure you’ve had practice of organizing and running your own self-guided river tours before heading out with kids. The last thing you want to be doing is mishandling through rapids and setting up camp with a kid on board. Your squad needs to be completely self-reliant, experienced, and ready.

2. Build a crash pad

Rig the raft so that there are even, shady, dry places for children to nap. Elder kids can stretch out on a pad placed on top of a camp bench or cooler. For children, strap a car seat onto a smooth spot, but never strap the baby into the car seat in the occasion that the raft flips. Make certain that an adult is within arm’s reach of any sleepy kid. During river rafting in India, movable cribs are great for holding crawling babies and toddlers.

3. Teach the techniques of rafting

Children are certainly not too young to study basic water safety. When kids are three or four, you can explain them to drill floating next to the raft in their lifejackets in an eddy or other harmless place in the river. Place yourself on the downstream side of the raft, with children on the upstream side, and train them to shout as loudly as they can once they’re in the water. But just even if your little ones seem courageous around water, never overrate their know-how or undervalue the power of moving water: Children need to wear lifejackets at all times on the raft. Adventure tours can be fun, but children safety should always be a primary focus.

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